Tips for levelling a painted concrete floor

Have you ever encountered the problem of trying to level a painted concrete before? We have to deal with it because some places have already been painted before you want to work on them and in this study, we’re going to help you step-by-step to help you.

There are two ways that we can remove paint from concrete.

Method 1: Applying paint stripper to the concrete

Method 2: Grinding out the paint off of the concrete

Method 1

Step 1: Allow the concrete surface to dry after thoroughly washing it.

Step 2: To make the cleaning process easier, you’ll need to clear the area of any dirt or debris with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Prepare soapy water or warm water and a trisodium phosphate (TSP), and brush the surface with a wide-wire brush. This is mostly for indoors.

When you want to clean the outdoor concrete, muriatic acid may be used to remove the hardest stains on outdoor floorings, such as rust or hardened grout. Muriatic acid is a dangerous, hazardous substance that should be handled with the utmost caution. When using it, wear protective glasses and gloves and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean concrete with muriatic acid.

Then allow the concrete two to three hours for your solution to dry.

Step 3: At this moment, some of the paint might be ripping off, but it wouldn’t look clean, To remove the paint from the floor, we’ll utilise paint strippers or removers. First, we apply the paint stripper and wait for about 5 or 10 minutes for the solution to get into the concrete. Then we take our brushes and scrub the floor until we get the paint off. If the paint doesn’t come off completely on the first application, you can as well do it again.

Note: Always read the instructions in the manufacturer’s user manual.

Step 4: To remove any remaining paint residue, use a high-powered garden hose or a power washer. A power washer is particularly useful for cleaning external surfaces, for example, concrete floors, roads, and sidewalks.

After all of the paint has already been cleaned, wash off the area to eliminate any remaining paint remover and chemicals.

Method 2: Grinding out the paint off of the concrete

In this method, we are actually using a diamond grinding wheel. to get the paint off the floor. Diamond cup wheels are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The most productive discs are coarse discs with a diameter of 4″ or 5″. Larger diameters spin quicker (and hence cut faster) and are more stable, with fewer chances of digging into the concrete surface. Diamond grinding wheels with a smaller diameter are better for tiny areas of the floor or edges. A unique edge grinding wheel with a smoother face and bigger diamond segments is offered. Some diamond grinding discs may be used dry or wet. 

Step 1: Prepare your floor, and let it dry out.

Step 2: Begin to grind carefully. Start from the high spots and grind in cycles to avoid deep or excess scraping that will cut into the layer.

Step 3: Dust off the residue of the paint that has been removed.

When doing this method, everywhere is going to be messy. You are going to need so much protection for it, things like your nose mask, eyeglasses, and hands glow.

After you have removed the paint from the floor, what you’re going to do next is to prime the floor and wait for about 30 to 1 hour after the priming for it to dry.

The next step is to start pouring your self-leveling concrete.

You begin by pouring the required amount of water depending on the bags of cement that you want to mix. Then you pour the cement into the bucket that contains the water and mix for 2-3 minutes with a concrete mixer that is attached to a hand driller to mix your self-leveling cement.

Your self-leveling compound is ready at this moment. You begin the pouring of the compound in a diagonal motion, starting from the low spots to the high spots.

NOTE: Do not add extra water when you are pouring.

The next step is to evenly distribute the compound over the areas which have not been leveled. To make your work more beautiful, you can use a gauge to level out to get to the required inch that you want.

The last thing you need to do is use the porcupine to remove the bubble formed in the poured compound.

Frequently Asked Questions

How may oil-based paint be removed from concrete?

The oil-based substance is long-lasting, but it’s tough to get rid of. Along with the paint remover, you might need to apply a paint absorbent. Combine the two ingredients and apply them to the infected region. Scrub the surface with a nylon brush after 30 minutes to an hour of soaking in the solution.

What is the best way to get latex paint off of concrete that has dried?

In comparison to oil-based paints, latex is relatively easy to remove from concrete. With a little scrubbing, most of the dried paint will come right off. Apply a paint remover (not a stripper) and let it sit for a few minutes if there are stubborn paint spots. Scrape off the spots when it has dried.


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