Self-levelling concrete primer

I know some of that but I’ve heard about self-levelling concrete primer I’ve been wondering what is it all about and how is it being used in this study were going to be having detailed information on how I can be able to use primer on a self-levelling concrete,

Should I primer concrete before self Levelling?

It is very important

How long does self-levelling take to dry?

How long should concrete primer dry

Can you walk on a concrete primer?

It may take 10-12 hours for the coating to cure before walking on it, but it will continue to stiffen for up to 48 hours following application. For at least 36-48 hours after an epoxy sealant has been applied on concrete, it should not be stepped on, driving on, or wet.

what happens if you don’t use a primer before self-levelling

It functions as an adhesive solvent, ensuring that the SLU is adequately bonded to the substrate.  

what happens if you don’t primer be self-levelling?

The floor will be overlaid with a water-soaked leveller, causing the wood gradually swell. When it dries, it will shrink back down, perhaps causing fractures in the flooring. To facilitate appropriate settings, the primer keeps moisture within the self-levelling underlayment.

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