Self Leveling Over Black Mastic

Are you attempting to level your home’s flooring with black mastic on the floor? If so, this will prevent the self-leveling compound from adhering correctly to the flooring, which can lead to issues once the self-leveling is finished.

When trying to self-level a concrete that has this hazardous asbestos, there are two methods of doing it.

The first method is to remove the black mastic, then seal and self-level.

The second method is to seal the floor and self-leveling without removing the black mastic. 

What is a black Mastic 

Mastic is a synthetic flooring adhesive that looks like black glue and produces a strong skin on flooring materials like vinyl. Asbestos was formerly present in black mastic materials used to cover vinyl and linoleum in the twentieth century. Black mastic is a substance that might be dangerous. This is due to the fact that a large variety of black mastic materials include asbestos, a hazardous substance known to cause the deadly ailment mesothelioma. 

How to detect the presence of black mastic

Check to see if the underside of fractured tiles is black or dark gray.
Check the tiles on your floor to see if there are any black stains.
Check your array of square tiles to check whether any are 9 by 9 in (230 by 230 mm) or larger.
Find out whether your house was constructed before 1980.

If you discover that the aforementioned is present on that floor, you can either hire a professional to verify it or get the testing equipment and carry it out on your own.

How to remove black mastic

There are three methods for removing black mastic.

  • Using floor machines
  • Non-chemical removal
  • Chemical removal 

Be aware that you will require both working and protection tools for this task, or you will want to hire a professional.

Materials for removing black mastic

Mastic and glue remover

Scrubbing pad

Oil cleaner/degreaser


Tools needed for black mastic removal

1. 9″ roller with a very thick nap 

2. 10-inch Scrape Spatula Drywail tapi

3. Small scraper for edges around walls

4. Large container with a plastic liner to dispose of glue

5. Knee Pads 

6. Wear shoe guards, old disposable shoes, or spike shoes

7. Disposable stringy mop

8. 20-inch green Scrubbing Pad or stiff plastic bristle brush

9. 20-inch surface maintainer

10. A bucket to wash the floor

11. Wet/dry shop vacuum 

Caution for removing black mastic

Contractors must maintain the black mastic damp during removal in order to lower the possibility of airborne particle release.
In addition to wearing a respirator, construction workers are required by this material to be provided with other safety gear such as goggles, protective coats, and rubber boots.

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