Self-leveling Concrete for outdoors Projects

self-leveling concrete for outdoors

self-leveling concrete in the driveway

Particularly close to the garage floor, concrete driveways have a tendency to sink, crack, and become uneven with time. Do you feel that bump when you enter your garage?
Some might ask if it is possible to self-level a driveway. The answer is yes, but there are certain conditions that you must check before embarking on this work.
The soil, which kinds of vehicles will use the driveway, also, is it outdoor or indoor?
Due to the fact that driveways carry a lot of weight, it is important to look at the thickness to avoid cracking.
Before self-leveling a driveway, there are several things to consider.


The structural strength of a driveway is greatly influenced by thickness, maybe even more so than by the strength of the concrete. Place the concrete with a minimum thickness of 4 inches. Going from 4 to 5 inches will raise the price of your concrete by around 20%, but it will also enhance the load-bearing capability of your driveway by more than 50%.
When the soil condition is bad or the weather pattern is extreme, you might as well need a thicker self-leveling.

Self-leveling concrete’s strength

How strong self-leveling concrete can depend on the strength of a self-leveler, which is about 3500psi to 7500psi depending on the manufacturer, but basically, since we are talking about a driveway, it is important to use the higher PSI. Compressive strength increases the self-traffic levelers and load capacity. A concrete floor, with a minimum thickness of four inches, can hold up to 3,000 PSI of compressive force.

Adequate drainage

Note: if there is water logging, you can use garage drainage.

During Mixing

The concrete mixture should not include too much water. In order to increase workability and give long-term strength gains without the need for extra water, use a combination that includes fly ash and water-reducing admixtures.
Avoid sprinkling water on the surface when finishing, since this might cause crazing or scaling.

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